House rules

By reserving/booking a Thermen Chalet, you agree to abide by our house rules!


Access to Thermen Chalets is only permitted once you have registered at Reception. In order to register you we will need to see your ID/passport (legal reporting requirement). This also applies to short-term visitors. Young people aged up to and including 16 who are travelling alone must present written agreement from a parent or guardian when they register. We are unable to welcome guests who are suffering from infectious diseases. By registering as guests, customers declare themselves to be free from such diseases and confirm that they comply/will comply with the house rules.


Day guests are not allowed. Where appropriate guests may receive visitors.


Cars and motorbikes are not allowed onto the Thermen Chalet site. An off-site parking space is available for each Thermen Chalet. You are welcome to park your bikes by your chalet. Bike boxes are available for you to secure your bikes. Rickshaws may not be brought onto the site.


Please show consideration for other guests and avoid making noise that will disturb others. In particular, please ensure that your radios, televisions, music systems, musical instruments etc. do not disturb your neighbours.


Here on the site, the hours between 10 pm and 7 am are quiet hours. Activities that generate noise are not allowed between these times.



It is not permitted to dig ditches near Thermen Chalets or construct fences around chalets.

What to do in the event of fire

Doing the right thing in the event of a critical situation such as a fire may make a vital difference to the safety of one or more people. Providing rapid help can prevent serious damage.
Please note: Rescue people first, before fighting the fire. So please follow this principle: RAISE ALARM - RESCUE (give help, escape) - PUT OUT.
Raise the alarm: Dial the emergency number 122 and provide the following information: Who? What? Where? How? Alert the others in your chalet and your neighbours.
Rescue: Help others to leave the danger zone.
Put out: Only attempt to put out a developing fire if you are sure the appropriate fire extinguishing materials and equipment are available. Never fight a fire alone and make sure you have a clear escape route.
All Thermen Chalets and the barbecue areas are supplied with fire extinguishers. Their locations are indicated by signs.

Do not put yourself in danger. Leave the danger zone and wait for further instructions from one of our staff. You must follow the instructions of the fire brigade at all times.  



Please leave the laundry (washing machines and dryers) clean. Do not leave any personal belongings there. Children under the age of 6 are not permitted in the laundry unless accompanied by an adult.


Please clean the kitchen and clean and replace any utensils you use, including pans, crockery, cutlery etc.

Barbecue areas

Please leave the barbecue areas as you found them.


Our approach to waste disposal is based on ecological principles. Waste should therefore be separated and disposed of in the appropriate containers or bins. If you are using rubbish bags, please knot them at the top before disposing of them, in order to avoid mess and unpleasant odours.


Camp fires or open fires are not permitted anywhere on the site. Barbecuing is only allowed in the designated areas. Please supervise hot coals and fires at all times. If there is an increased risk of forest fires, Reception may impose a ban on barbecues. Smoking is only permitted on Thermen Chalet terraces.


In the event of any damage to facilities or equipment, the party responsible for the damage shall be liable. We can accept no liability for theft of guests' property or damage to the same by third parties, or for injuries or accidents. We therefore recommend you take out private insurance (e.g. home contents insurance).


A playground is available for children to use. Parents must supervise and be responsible for their children at all times. If you breach this duty of supervision, you will be liable for any damage caused by your children.

12. PETS

Pets are not permitted anywhere on the site.


The management may exercise its right to refuse to admit individuals to the site, if it deems this is necessary for the maintenance of security and order in or around the Thermen Chalets. Guests or visitors who are drunk will not be permitted to stay in Thermen Chalets. It is strictly forbidden to set off fireworks on the site.


You will need to settle your bill and depart by 10 am. If you do not, you will be charged for an additional night. Please leave your Thermen Chalet clean.

With this in mind, we wish you a restful and relaxing stay here at Thermen Chalets!

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